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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Joey W Hill Unrestrained Launch Party Giveaway #9 - Eva LeNoir

Congratulations, Joey W Hill, I cannot wait to devour what I expect to be another grand slam!! May the gods of good reviews be with you!

Guest Post

UNEDITED/RAW Excerpt from soon-to-be released: White Fire (book 3 in the Underdogs of the Arena Series) 


"The first thing to register in Kyle Pearce’s hazy mind as consciousness began to rear its ugly head, was pain. The second made more sense: a full blown hard-on. Had one caused the other? The throbbing on either of his temples was seriously starting to piss him off. He was not a pussy by any stretch of the imagination but migraines put a definite damper on his morning wood. At the top of his priority list was the need to open his eyes but the damned things would not comply with his wishes. 
Slowly, his senses began to kick in. The coppery taste in his mouth clearly indicated blood had been shed. No alcohol aftertaste so Kyle concluded that he had not been in fight with some drunken humans. Willing his limbs to move, he realized that he was not paralyzed. Thank fuck for that. What the hell happened to put him in this weakened state of lethargy? As his mind raced in its quest to comprehend his current state, an onslaught of familiar scents reached his nostrils making them flare. The wolf in him tried to dissect the different aromas enveloping him like a warm blanket on a cold night, slowly recognizing one then another. Wild berries and spring rain. But there were more. Lilies. Yes, definitely lilies and maybe something else…Sniffing out the many perfumes attacking his senses, Kyle grinned when the comforting fragrance of clean crisp sheets brought him back to his childhood when his mother would tend to his every need, tucking him in at night after a long day playing outside. Well, shit, that definitely killed his boner. 
The rumbling of his stomach clearly indicated his appetite was on high alert, accentuated by the distinct aroma of raspberries making his mouth water. With a sigh, Kyle opened one eye, instantly assaulted by the bright light of the morning sifting through what seemed to be the windows to his left. A quick swipe of his tongue across his dry lips told him he had not drunk a drop of water in quite some time. As his vision adjusted to the brightness of the outside world, Kyle willed his other eye to follow suit. 
The sight that greeted his unfocused gaze was breathtaking and could only be described as white fire. Blinking, Kyle tried to bring the vision into focus, making out the fine lines of the picture hovering over his horizontal body. The ethereal light above him surrounded him with its physical heat but what truly made his entire body react was the touch of crimson that cascaded down, just inches above his chest. Slowly, his vision cleared revealing what must have surely been a hallucination because he had no memory of bringing home a sexy-ass redhead. Shaking his head slightly to chase the cobwebs, Kyle took his time drinking in the features of this creature that stirred every nerve ending in his body to life. Fiery red hair was falling in waves, her delicate oval-shaped face a healthy milky shade with full lips made for kissing. Staring straight at him were the deepest forest green eyes he had ever seen, the depth of which he could walk into and get completely lost. As realization hit him that she was not a vision but truly there in the flesh, the female broke out in a heart stopping smile that could make any male stupid with need and desire. Least of which himself. At this very second, she could ask anything of him and he would deliver without question if only she promised to wrap those raspberry-colored lips tightly around his all-too aware shaft."

Heated one night sessions between the sheets, the handsome yet arrogant Jared Stones spends his days training Ellen Banks. When a blast from the past appears, unannounced and more importantly uninvited, all hell breaks loose. 

Sister to the Alpha of her pack, Sloane Pierce is convinced by long time friend, Ellen that her presence is required. Every one of her primal instincts warns of that outcome, deadly at best. Unable to say no, she is dragged by a wild and forceful fate that has other ideas. Is destiny on their side or will history repeat itself like all the other times…


The writhing beauty began to moan and shake under his expert touch as her climax threatened to erupt. Stones could tell she was damn close since 
the walls of her pussy clenched hard around his cock. Here we go doll, let’s go for a ride, he thought as the sound of Moves Like Jagger blasted on his phone. Not even fazed by the incredibly bad timing of the call, he picked up the cell and pressed the green button to connect. 

“What’s up?” he said in a bored tone as if he weren’t bringing a female to the 
final throes. 

“What the hell are you doing?” The pissed off voice that so typically 
“greeted” him on the other end was one he had heard every single day for the last two years. Ellen Banks, his prodigy and now the new Champion of the Underdog Arena was obviously up in arms about something. Up until two weeks ago, they had worked hard and diligently to fulfill her dream. That bit accomplished, they were taking a break so she could enjoy her life as a newly-mated vampire. Unbelievable. 

Stones never would have thought his fierce and fiery kick boxer would ever 
settle down and actually be happy about it. Her mate, Nash Stanford, was also the owner and creator of the underground Arena, and the Sire of all the vampires on the East Coast. Once a male of eclectic tastes, Nash was, as of recently, a one-female kind of guy. Of that Stones had no doubts since Ellen would eagerly cut off her mate’s balls if the idea of ever getting it on with another even crossed his mind. 

Yeah, Stones did not need that kind of leash on him; fuck you very much. 

“Nothing. What can I do for you?” As though on cue, the female trembling 
beneath him broke out in a scream worthy of the best porn video on the market. 
Glancing down at her perfectly oval-shaped face, he was proud to have her coming with such enthusiasm. Push. Push. Grunt. Come. Done. 

“Fucking hell, Stones! Are you getting laid right now?” Ellen practically 
shrieked her disapproval almost causing him permanent ear damage. He pulled out of the female, handed her a bathrobe as he grabbed himself a towel conveniently placed on the leather chair next to his bed then promptly walked out of the room. 
Like any gentleman, he winked at his partner-for-a-while before gently closing the door behind him, allowing her some privacy. 

“Nope. Not anymore. What do you need, El?” Ellen mumbled something 
he thought sounded like asshat, but he couldn’t be sure."

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  1. I really like the cover and enjoyed the excerpts, another book to add!

  2. Asshat...Push. Push. Grunt. Done. Lol...that was priceless. Eva, thanks so much for sharing this. I think it's cool how you're bringing together paranormal elements and sports. So often a romance will introduce me to an expertise and teach me things about it I didn't know. It reminded me how historical romances gave me my initial passion for history, back in school. Good romance authors are some of the best researchers I know, no matter how snobby people often try to trivialize our stuff! :>

    You guys have put a serious overload on my TBR list today, each one of you presenting something unexpected and different about the tropes we love. Thanks for coming out to play with me today!

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  8. Thank you Joey for the kind words and THANK YOU ladies for the lovin'! I hope you enjoy them, let me all know :) Congratulations again, Joey, I hope you rocked you launching! Thank you for having me :)

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