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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Joey W Hill Unrestrained Launch Party Giveaway #8 - Jess Dee

Welcome Author Jess Dee

  • Every girl’s fantasy…one woman’s dream

    Speed, Book 1

    Sophie Butler is sure she’s about to lose her much-needed cleaning job. She’s not only walked in on a guest—a violation of her employer’s cardinal rule—but she can’t seem to tear her gaze away from his gorgeous, naked-as-the-day-he-was-born body.

    If all that isn’t bad enough, her usually sensible judgment and behavior are clouded by a nagging sense of familiarity. She knows the man from somewhere, she just can’t quite place him.

    Nathan Pace is certain he’s just lost his jealously guarded anonymity. But hold on…if she’s just another fan looking for a piece of his alter ego, rock star Jamie Speed, why is she blushing six shades of scarlet? And why is he instantly aroused? When he catches a glimpse of her eyes, he knows. She’s the woman who for ten years has haunted his dreams.

    The attraction that flares between them is undeniable—and unstoppable. But getting close means risking Nathan’s secret identity. Just this once, he’d like a woman to fall for the real man, not the press’s version of a celebrity superstar.

    Warning: This may be an erotic contemporary romance, but it does contain a hint of fantasy. And when that fantasy involves erotic dreams about a gorgeous rock star, you know you’re gonna want the fantasy to become reality… 

  • Shocked all the way down to her toes, Sophie Butler gawked at the man.
    Oh, shit.
    Shit, shit, shit.
    She was so going to be fired for this.
    She should turn around and beat a hasty retreat. If not hasty, she should back out of the door real slow, and give the guy a little privacy. At the very least, she should have the decency to cover her eyes and stammer out a sincere apology.
    So why then did she stand frozen in place with her jaw hanging open and her tongue glued to the bottom of her mouth?
    Because she was dazed, that’s why. Stunned by the sight that greeted her.
    And what a sight. A good six feet of tanned male muscle. Legs that stretched on forever, with slim, powerful thighs. A hard and well-defined stomach that tapered down to lean, square hips. Not to mention the arms, biceps rippling and bunching as he towel-dried his hair.
    She swallowed when her gaze drifted between his legs, settling on the decent-sized cock that lay there, shifting slightly with every move he made. Lord, he was perfect. A-gift-from-the-Gods perfect. A belly-rolling, breath-catching, heart-racing perfect.
    Bloody hell.
    She’d walked in on a guest, caught him naked and unsuspecting, and he didn’t even know she was standing there, eyeballing him.
    Was there time to slip out unnoticed? An accessible path of escape before he lowered the towel and caught her? She scanned the bedroom, estimating the number of steps between herself and the door. At least seven, and two of those would take her within touching distance of Mr. Naked-and-gorgeous. God help her, she knew, as any healthy woman in her right mind would know, that if she got within a meter of the guy, she would feel compelled to reach out and run her hands over all that dazzling male skin.
    He threw the towel on the floor, ran a hand through his shoulder-length, water-darkened blond hair and opened his eyes. Then jolted as though he’d been struck.
    The man gaped at her, horror written all over his face. He looked almost as taken aback as she felt. Like her, he seemed to have lost muscle function, because neither of them moved an inch. Both stood where they were, gawking at each other.
    Panic set in. Her heart slammed against her chest at a million miles an hour, blurring her vision.
    She was so going to pay for this mistake. She’d broken the cardinal rule of her employment and walked into the apartment while the occupant was there. How many times had she been told, Ensure the guests have absolute privacy. When they are around, you are not. Rooms are cleaned when they are out?
    But damn it, she’d knocked three times, loudly, and he hadn’t answered. Not on the first knock or the second or the third. So she’d shoved her iPod earphones back in and entered the apartment. Heck, she’d tidied the kitchen and living room before coming into the bedroom. Surely he’d have heard her?
    Sophie blinked hard to clear her vision. Refusing to look at his face and see his disapproval there, she—almost unwillingly—scanned his body one more time, noted the wet hair that dripped down his neck and shoulders and the tiny droplets clinging to the light sprinkle of chest hair. Okay, so if he’d been in the shower, he wouldn’t have heard anything besides the rushing water. And with the volume of her music turned up, she wouldn’t have heard the shower humming.
    Either way, this was without a doubt her last day on the job. 

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Jess if offereing an ecopy of any of her backlist books to 1 winner, available to US and International readers. Just comment and fill out the rafflecopter to enter. 


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