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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Joey W Hill Unrestrained Launch Party Giveaway #10 - Eden Glenn

Welcome Author Eden Glenn!

Congrats on your re-release. I've also signed up to host you as a guest at my blog on 12/4/13

Phoenix shifter, Phyro Khant, and her dragon bodyguard, Tameron Murphy, are two loners that bonded together for love and safety. But their never-ending need to evade the dark witches that hunt Phyro for her Phoenix tears, blood and more, has worn them down and flat lined their relationship. 

When Tam purchases Phyro an amethyst pendant from Salynne’s Crystals and Thyme, her efforts to imbue the stone with protective power backfires and grabs them with a spell previously coded into the stone. The magic ignites an inferno of passion the two lovers can’t seem to quench with any amount of sex. 

Will their explosive passion be enough to teach them how to trust in time to accept the help they need from outsiders or will the witches win their final bid for power and control of the phoenix magic?


Her eyes fluttered shut. She slowed her breathing, sinking deeper to a place of in between. She drifted in and out of consciousness wishing she could remember what had happened to leave her in this battered state, naked on the ground. Naked seemed to indicate that at some juncture she had shifted to avian form to escape someone. How else could she have gotten this deep into the forest? She couldn’t worry about being safe or not, there wasn’t energy to fight. Be calm and let her Phoenix nature do its job. She’d trust to come out the other side stronger. 

She willed her body to heal and grasped at wisps of memory. A metaphysical pull tugged inside her, one of loss and longing. Struggling to sit up, she gasped for breath in shallow pants. The raw clenched energy twisted her again. Tam! She needed to be home with her mate. Something had drawn her from their apartment without leaving word for Tam that she would be away. Phyro shook her head trying to clear her thoughts. No… bad idea, too soon. She groaned and lay back. Damn. Five minutes more. The setting sun warmed her skin. 

The energy wrenched her again. Her shape dissolved and reformed without conscious thought or will to follow the summons of her chosen mate. She took to the air in Phoenix form with a scream of exhilaration at her freedom, flying toward the source. 

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Eden is offering 1 winner an E-ARC of  Phoenix Reborn, available to US and International readers. Just comment and fill out the rafflecopter to enter. 


  1. This sounds like a great paranormal romance. :)

  2. Darn it - I just hate those spells that cause an inferno of passion that can't be quenched with any amount of sex. Especially with a hot dragon bodyguard. Oh the agony and inhumanity of it all (grin). Eden, I like how you wrap elements of high fantasy with the pleasures of erotic romance - your excerpt reminded me of Katherine Kurtz's style and tone. I'm looking forward to being at your place tomorrow, and I thank you for that wonderful post you put out there today. I'm not sure I'll be able to live up to that, but hope you'll love me even when you find out how dorky I really am (grin). Thanks for coming to the party!

  3. Definitely sounds interesting, I've been looking for more dragon books and really like the idea of reading about a phoenix shifter.

  4. Paranormal........ Yeah!!!! thank you for the chance to enter

  5. I love shifter books and this one looks great. Thanks

  6. You guys are going to convert me to paranormal lover yet!

  7. I love the Excerpt Eden and your cover is beautiful!

  8. What a great excerpt! Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. Love shifter stories.Thank you.

  10. Great excerpts. I love shifters and cannot wait to read this book.

  11. How exciting.. a must TBR.. Can't wait.. Congrats...:)

  12. Awesome.. can't wait... :) Thanks