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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Launch Party for Deanndra Hall - Giveaway #3 with Jenna Jacob

Now we have Jenna Jacob with us!! 
(Information for 18+ Only)

If you like drool worthy Doms then I have a hunk for you! Tony Delvaggio isn’t your run of the mill Master. He’s a sadist and a psychologist. 

Can you say ‘Mind Fuck?’ Oh, yes, and then some! 

Check out my new novel, “Master of My Mind.” Join me on a trip back to the BDSM Club Genesis, where Tony - the sexy hot and very capable Dom - crawls inside the mind and body of Leagh Bennett, a shattered but strong-willed sub. 

Erotic Romance

After the shocking death of my Master left me stunned, the revenge his ex-wife and daughter sought was almost as devastating. Seeking refuge at Club Genesis, my one safe haven, I returned to heal and get back on my own two feet. 

But I soon learned that fate had other plans for Leagh Bennett. 

Tony Delvaggio, the panty-melting sadist and resident shrink of Genesis, took me under his wing. Both frightened by his intensity and secretly thrilled by his unwavering attention, I tried to hide my past and barricade my soul from him. But Tony coaxed my thoughts with his deep voice and seduced my body with his rough hands. Before long, he pried open my heart as well. But when it became clear that someone meant to kill me, I came to a terrifying conclusion: I would have to put my complete trust and submission in the Master of my mind or die… 

As if sensing my presence, Tony turned. As his gaze locked with mine, I could almost feel him caress my skin. Feel the same stirring heat his fingers evoked as they plucked and pinched my nipples. The buds drew tight against my tee and tingled with the memory.
His mouth fluttered with a slight smile as my cheeks grew hot. Severing the connection, he turned his attention back to the sub bent over the spanking bench. Tony smoothed one broad hand over her pale skin. Jealousy pricked my heart. Glancing at the long blonde tresses shrouding the subs face, I knew Destiny—the lucky little bitch—had finally arranged her session with Tony. As he stepped back, I couldn’t take my eyes off him… couldn’t force myself to look away even as envy coursed angrily through my veins. 

I stared in fascination as his whip found its mark, time and again. Commanding and confident, Tony worked the sub. His shoulders widened; his chest expanded. I watched him drink in her cries of pain as if they were welcome nourishment. Red angry welts crisscrossed Destiny’s backside. Still, Tony didn’t stop. He landed the single tail’s popper with succinct and measured lashes. I cringed and searched deep for a sliver of any untapped longings within that called to his type of extreme play. No matter how hard I searched my fantasies, I couldn’t find a hint of desire close to the level he required. And still I stood mesmerized, watching. 

The sensual sway of his body, the honed roll of his shoulder, and the quick flick of his wrist was an art form all its own. His focus, keen on the sub, never wavered. It was clear to see. His whip was an extension of his heart... his soul. The sadist’s pleasure was a sharp, wicked blade, and Tony walked the narrow edge with relentless precision. The intensity of his desire was a formidable mountain. Each lash commanded the girl to climb higher as he guided her through angry welts and imposing pain—persuading her ascent to the peak, absorbing her tears and screams, he fed his dominance. 

Tony was poetry in motion, his command powerful and unyielding. Compared to Destiny, my submission was useless…weak. My heart grew heavy realizing that if given a chance to submit to Tony, I had nothing substantial to offer. I would simply slide through his sturdy fingers like sand. 

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Jenna Jacob is married and lives in Kansas. She loves music, cooking, camping, and riding Harleys in the country. At thirteen, she began writing short stories and poetry, dreaming of one day becoming an author.
Now that her four children are grown, she has time to paint with words the pictures in her twisted mind. Outgoing with a warped sense of humor, she’s never once been accused of being shy or introverted. With close to twenty years of experience in the dynamics of the BDSM lifestyle, she strives to portray Dominance and submission with a passionate and comprehensive voice. 

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Jenna is giving away one signed print copy of  
Master of My Mind
to one random U.S. commenter. 
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  1. Love, love, loved the book. Everyone needs a Tony Delvaggio in their life.

  2. New to me, but this sounds great, thank for the chance!