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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Launch Party for Deanndra Hall - Giveaway #8 with Kitsy Clare

Now we have Kitsy Clare with us!! 

I’m an author and an artist, and because I’ve shown my paintings in NYC, I have many story ideas featuring artists and the inside scoop on the art world, which I think people are curious about. Plus artists are sexy risk-takers who are often very colorful personalities! Don’t get me started, but um, there was one gallery dealer who literally ripped a shirt off of my artist friend’s back in a fight over a painting, and there was a woman performance artist I met who performed naked except for her thigh-high boots. 

If you want to get an idea of the main characters in Model Position here are the actors and actresses I’d cast to play them in a film version: 
Erik, the live drawing model would be Charlie Hunnam (from Sons of Anarchy). 
Sienna, the main character would be Evan Rachel Wood or Carey Mulligan. 
Dave, the rich artist would be James Marsden or Adam Brody. 

Now I’m working on the second in the Art of Love series. Sienna gets an internship with an edgy, super-rich, bad boy artist named Casper (Caz) Mason. I love working on it because I never know what Caz will do next, and how Sienna will react! It’s called Private Internship. I’m hoping it’ll be out later this year, so if it sounds good, I’d recommend that you load your ereader with Model Position in order to be up to date with Sienna’s world! 

new adult contemporary romance novella

In Manhattan’s glitzy gallery scene love and art are perilous games. 
Will Sienna dare to play? 

All too soon, artist Sienna Karr will graduate art school and be flung out into Manhattan’s glamorous but cutthroat gallery scene. Luckily, she’s just met Dave Hightower, heir to the hippest gallery ever. He’s asked her on a date, and offered to introduce her to the gallery owner, his intimidating Aunt Lydia. Sienna’s excited! Now she’ll be able to climb the ranks and make those all-important art connections. 
Trouble is, she’s falling hard for the sexy live drawing model, Erik, whose sizzling green eyes seem to pierce right into her soul. Dare she risk losing those potential art contacts for love? Erik insists that Sienna is a real talent and her painting stands out above all the others. But she worries that he whispers this come-on line to every pretty art student who flocks around him during breaks. And her friends worry, is Erik up to her pay grade? What kind of guy chooses modeling for a living? Who is he, really? Her choice may be her ruin… or not, but she must decide fast. Everything in Sienna’s super-organized life is turning to terrifying yet sweet chaos. 

Dave Hightower catches me admiring him and grins. “Ready for our date later?” 
I just met him two weeks ago, and he asked me out during our last class. I’m looking forward to it and to getting to know him—and his family’s gallery—better. 
“Sure, where are we going?” 
“I’ll take you over to Studio Hightower, my aunt’s gallery,” Dave suggests offhandedly, as if I am not already completely aware and awed. It’s been all Merry, Harper, and I have talked about since we found out Dave was in this class. My two best friends here share charcoal sticks, drawing paper, and essential buzz. “There’s a show at Hightower you’ll like,” adds Dave, “of wildly painted neon environ-scapes.” 
I nod. Sounds off-putting. I prefer the order of photorealism and crisp digital art, but I keep my mouth shut. After all, it’s Dave Hightower. 
Anyone who has talent and ambition would kill for a solo show in Studio Hightower. It’s on West Twenty-Second Street in the heart of Chelsea, the hottest gallery district in Manhattan. 
“Hey, always up for new art,” I say. “I like wild art done by a loose hand.” 
“Manually manipulated is the way to go,” Dave says suggestively as he waggles his eyebrows and puts his fingers into plastic gloves. 
Plastic gloves for painting? Germaphobe. I’m a clean freak, and even I don’t do that. I quickly ease my judgmental cringe into a fetching grin as I search for a funny comeback. “I wonder who our next model will be. Do you think Mr. Court Jester will make a repeat appearance?” 
“I’m betting on Nightgown Lady.” Dave squeezes out his last color with an oozy splot. 
The teacher, a soft-spoken man in faded corduroys and wire glasses, announces that the model will be out momentarily. From across the room, I exchange anticipatory glances with my friends, Harper and Merry, and pantomime a fake drum roll. They snicker and do drum rolls back. The class turns its attention to the small stage in front of our easels. It’s been set up with risers and a red velvet curtain, as if it’s a Broadway production. 
Then the model emerges, and I almost spill my cappuccino on Dave’s shoes. 
The sexiest male muse I’ve ever laid eyes on pads out, all oiled coordination and sleek muscles. He’s at least six-four, and every chest muscle ripples and cuts in the right place. His hair’s sandy and shaggy, and his jaw is square and resolute with a gold-dusted five-o’clock shadow. But it’s his eyes that strike me most; they’re emerald green with a slight upward slant toward each cheekbone, as if he hiked all the way here from a northern land of sun and wind. 
He arranges himself on a leopard-skin rug, wearing only a suede thong, and glances around at us artists. As I adjust my canvas and flip my hair back, his smoking green eyes settle on me. I could swear they’re looking right into me and seeing my fascination. I’m melting and hyperventilating all at once. 
In the corner of my vision, I see Dave Hightower lean toward me for my reaction, but I can’t look away from the model—I don’t want to. I’m imagining myself on that leopard-skin rug, doing some private poses with him, and the fantasy has me blushing as permanent rose as the paint on my palette. 

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When Kitsy Clare isn’t crafting novels and stories she’s teaching writing workshops. She also loves to draw, travel, read spicy romance and thrillers. She divides her time between NYC and her Catskills studio, where she listens to birds, bullfrogs and coyotes. Kitsy also writes YA as Catherine Stine. Her YA futuristic thriller, Fireseed One won finalist spots in both YA and Sci-Fi in the 2013 USA Book News International Book Awards and an Indie Reader Approved notable seal. Ruby's Fire is the companion novel to Fireseed One. She’s a member of RWA, SCBWI, Untethered Realms and SFWA.

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