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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Launch Party for Deanndra Hall - Giveaway #6 with Indigo Sin

Now we have Indigo Sin with us!! 

Hello Everyone! I'm Indigo, thank you so much for having me! During my writing process I have my good friend BETA read bits for me to tell me if what I'm doing is any good. Her reactions are the best, and never fail to make my day. I thought I'd share them with all of you to enjoy as well! Things like this are what make me want to keep writing. :) 

I still love it lots and lots. You do a great job making me feel Monica's desperation. And I'm still intrigued by Seth and how it'll all turn out. (That's the name we decided on a while back, right? If not, that's what I'm calling him in my head.) 


Also, I hate you. (No I don't. I love you. But don't tell.) 

I just want to curl protectively around Monica and save her from everything. *hisses at the bads* 

Oh my God, I love Seth so much. 


BWHAHAHA. Ohhh, teenagers. 

My reactions went: Panic, internal screaming and wanting to snatch Monica and take her away, IT'LL BE OKAY MONICA INDIGO BETTER NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU AGAIN OR I WILL JADKLDHKDEMOHDKF, more panic and internal freaking out, WHERE THE S**T IS SETH?, panic panic panic, SEEETH!! SHOW HIM WHO'S BOSS, BABY! 

AAAAAND, I love the bromanticness! It had me snicker/giggling. 

O_O YESH. BOOOOK BABIES. Big-ass time. 

It's the most fantastically awesomely beautiful thing yet. 

I will have his multiple babies. (This was my personal favorite) 

Thank you for stopping by!! And don't forget to comment for a chance to win!

Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Monica Cassidy has a tragic past, one that drove her away from her home at a young age, with her younger siblings in tow. Living a life in hiding and avoiding close friendships becomes a part of their existence as they remain on the run from the man their mother married. Doing what she must to get by, Monica soon learns that she hasn't gone as unnoticed as she once thought. 

Seth Jackson is a police officer with a big problem. After being assigned the case of solving the rising number of pick pocket thefts around the city, he finds himself unable to follow through with an arrest. The suspect intrigues him, drawing him in ways he knows he should fight, but his own past drives him to save her. 

Passion ignites, throwing them into an emotional tailspin until one fateful night pushes them to their limits. Can Monica overcome the obstacles in her way and break down the walls she's spent years building up? Or is the damage irreparable?

“Seth’s going to help us,” she explained. “Dammit, I’m not doing this right now, Jack! Just listen to me for once!” She was raising her voice. She hated yelling at them, but she was at the end of her rope and Jack was pushing as usual. 

Sarah, however, was on board with the plan. She already had her jacket on, and a bag slung over her shoulder. “Can we just get out of here? We can argue later. Right now, I just want to get out of this disgusting place.” When Jack turned to spout his anger on her, Sarah ignored him. She had learned long ago how to handle her twin, and engaging him in a fight was pointless. 

Without a word Seth started grabbing bags, slinging two over each shoulder before standing back and looking to Jack. Jack tried to stare him down but failed. “Fine, whatever,” he barked as he picked up the last one and started for the door. 
Seth stopped him when he reached the doorway, shaking his head. “Yo, wait up there, sport. Take your sister’s too.”

“What? Why?” he spat. “She can carry her own.” He tried to move past Seth once again, but came to a stop when Seth stepped in front of him. 

“Because that’s what a gentleman does for a lady. Doesn’t matter if it’s you sister, your mother, or your bus driver. You treat them with respect.” Seth’s voice was low and even, and much to Monica’s amazement, Jack turned and took the bag from Sarah’s hands. He wasn’t happy about it, but he did it. Sarah’s eyes went wide as well. Clearly she hadn’t been expecting him to give in that easy either. 

“Go ahead. I’ll follow you,” Seth said, giving Sarah a comforting smile. “He’ll be fine. Just a bruised ego is all.” 

Sarah shook her head and made her way to the door. “Hey, I’m not judging, man. That was awesome.” 

Monica was equally impressed. “How did you do that?” she asked as they moved down the dank hallway toward the stairs. “I mean…I’ve never seen him respond like that.” 
Seth shrugged. “Sometimes boys need a little more guidance. Trust me, I know.” 

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Indigo Sin is a new author from the midwest specializing in short, hot, sexy stories that are sure to warm you up on a chilly night. When not in front of her computer, you can find her cuddled up with her man and a good book, lost in the dream world that is her mind. With a deep passion for writing, Indigo brings fantasies to life in her steamy tales of erotic encounters. Step inside the mind of a slightly depraved sensualist if you dare. Indigo will show you the way. Let the sin...begin.

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