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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ann Jacobs Launch Party - Giveaway #4 with Desiree Holt

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The Chupacabra has been a legend for decades, stretching from South America to North America, sighted in many place. Ranchers swore they’d killed it only to have it turn out to be a mutated goat or coyote. And the killing spree continued—animals and humans alike. Was it a wolf because of the way the bodies were mutilated? Or a vampire, because each body and three puncture wounds at the neck and was drained of blood? Each time someone was sure he had killed the beast it turned out to be a false alarm, because the killings continued. And the legend continued to grow. 

I read the following story and it gave birth to my Night Seeker series. BTW, the picture is only one of many on which I based my final description. 

Austin, TX - An unidentified man was caught trying to smuggle a chupacabra into Austin, Texas by hiding the beast in his carry-on luggage. 

To many people, the chupacabra (”goat sucker” in Spanish) is a mythical creature said to inhabit parts of Mexico and the southwestern United States. But to law enforcement personnel at Austin Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA) in Austin, Texas, the chupacabra is something much more real … and dangerous. 

This story began on Saturday morning in the baggage claim area of Austin’s airport. James Garcia, a TSA security screener, noticed a man who appeared nervous and agitated about something. 

“He kept looking at me and another TSA employee,” said Garcia. “As if he was worried we were watching him or something. That’s when I first heard the noises coming from his suitcase.” 

Garcia and his partner heard what they described as a muffled growling coming from the man’s suitcase, which he had just pulled off of the baggage carousel. When Garcia approached the man to investigate the suitcase, the man bolted, leading Garcia’s partner on a ten-minute foot chase through the airport parking lot. 

Garcia approached the suitcase and noticed the fabric bulging and moving slightly. Fearing the worst, he radioed for his supervisor and secured the area to keep civilians away from potential harm. 

“At first I thought it was a dog or something,” said Garcia. “But that growling sound wasn’t like any dog I’ve ever seen. Just ungodly … that’s the only way I can describe it. Like some hellish creature.” 

When his supervisor arrived, the two men removed the growling and wriggling suitcase to a TSA quarantine area, where they used a robotic device to open the suitcase from a safe distance. That’s when the chupacabra emerged, all teeth and claws and fury.

Image: Angry chupacabra emerges from suitcase in TSA quarantine at ABIA 

“I couldn’t believe my eyes at first,” said Garcia. “In my mind, I went through a list of possibilities … wombat, badger, mutated chihuahua … but this was something else entirely. This was the chupacabra. I grew up in Mexico and heard stories about this creature. I always thought it was like the Loch Ness Monster or something — all myth and no reality. But this was real.” 

The chupacabra lurched from the suitcase and began scrambling around the quarantine area, as if looking for a place to hide. A rookie TSA agent on the scene got frightened and fired 12 rounds at the beast from his service weapon. Five of those rounds found their target, and the chupacabra died within the hour. 

The man smuggling the chupacabra had arrived in Austin on a flight from Mexico. He fled on foot and has not been found to date. 

As for the creature itself, Garcia said he felt no pity: 

“I don’t know if the young agent was justified in shooting the chupacabra or not … it’s not my job to decide. All I know is that the beast had a murderous look in its eye, right up until it took its last breath. Just pure hatred and evil.”
The chupacabra carcass has been transferred to biological researchers at the University of Texas in Austin.

When billionaire Craig Stafford’s wife and daughter were killed by the legendary bloodthirsty Chupacabra and none of the state or federal agencies could trace the half man/half animal, he funded his own team. He chose carefully from the best law enforcement agencies as well as the private sector across the country. Six of the eight selected are shifters themselves, each representing a wolf pack whose members had fallen prey to killers. Each one of them had also been affected by the beast and so had personal reasons to find and kill it. Known simply as The Night Seekers (because they hunt most effectively at night), they work from an isolated ranch property in Texas, with all the latest high tech equipment and any other resources they might need. Their only mission: find and stop the Chupacabra, the bloodthirsty animal who not only kills but literally destroys his victims with his teeth and nails, and has given rise to so many legends. But first they have to discover how their target moves so easily around the entire country, and sift through the hundreds of files compiled on the many cases and sightings. 

Driven by the thirst for revenge and the need to satisfy their lust, each member of the team will have his or her own story, one liberally packed with erotic sex, and in the course of the mission will find a relationship that brings stability to their lives. And with each relationship, the team continues to grow. 

The first three books are already out in print and digital: 

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Lust Unleashed
Lust BY Moonlight
Lust Becomes You 

Logan Tanner is on a mission to track down the legendary Chupacabra. Part of Night Seekers, a group of former law enforcement members who’ve lost loved ones to the terrifying devil beast, Logan will stop at nothing to find and eliminate the threat. Until a complication arises—a sexy complication by the name of Rebecca Black, a recent addition to the team, equally determined to kill the monster wreaking havoc in the Montana wilderness. Bound by purpose, neither Logan nor Rebecca are prepared for the red-hot chemistry between them, the lust that’s turning into love. But hunting the Chupacabra is dangerous work…perhaps a task too dangerous for their passion to endure. 


The cold Montana wind blew across the desolate landscape. The area was dotted with the giant Ponderosa pines, and the peaks of the many mountain ranges that make up the rugged Continental Divide glistened in the sun. In the summer, grasses grew fragrantly in prairies between the mountains, the green softening the harshness of the land. But in the winter it was a cruel setting, covered with snow that piled in deeper and deeper drifts. 
The area was sparsely populated, miniscule towns often with a population of less than a thousand with just a few widely scattered larger cities. The people ranched either sheep or cattle and a few other hardier souls provided support for those industries. Nearly a third of the state is national forest, protected by government regulations with hunting severely regulated. 
There just wasn’t a lot of traffic anywhere, making it a fertile hunting ground for feral beasts. Like the devil, the legendary Chupacabra, creeping from the cave in one of the mountains where it had been sleeping after temporarily slaking its bloodlust on a bighorn sheep. The ugly, weirdly shaped creature stretched and looked around casually. The sight of its unholy body alone was enough to scare both animals and people. A head resembling a coyote’s was distinguished by blood red pupils and sharp fangs that extended over the lower lip. Its chest appeared to be a series of metal-like bands and its short arms and longer, more muscular legs were covered with a thick growth of fur. It was definitely the stuff of nightmares. 
Drawing in a deep lungful of air it filtered the different scents carried by the wind, seeking the distinct aroma of humans. In this desolate wilderness it hadn’t found very many. Foraging in the closest small town was a last resort, the taboo programmed into its brain circuits. But approaching any of the widely scattered ranches was also difficult, the absence of trees made stealth almost impossible. But the urge was growing stronger every day. If it wasn’t satisfied soon the results might be devastating. 
As it stood in the buffeting force of the winter wind a faint sound reached its ears, the sound awakening something familiar. The devil beast cocked its head and waited as the growling sound drew closer. Then it came into sight and the beast almost roared with satisfaction. Here was the prey coming directly into its lair. Backing slightly into the opening of the cave the Chupacabra watched. And waited. 


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Desiree is offering one random commenter an ebook of Lust Unleashed, Book #1, Night Seekers. Just comment below with your email and a winner will be picked and emailed after the party.

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