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Monday, February 17, 2014

Upcoming Launch Party with Kitsy Clare

Celebrate the release of Model Position!

Sienna Karr is in grad school at the Museum School of Art in New York City. So far the live models have been a man in a clown suit, a dowdy lady in a diaphanous gown and a skeletal girl who paces during break. Where are the sexy male muses?

Sienna looks forward to her first date with Dave Hightower, classmate and heir to Studio Hightower, the hippest art gallery around. Dave’s a slick dresser among guys who wear paint-spattered jeans, and today Dave’s bringing Sienna a cappuccino and a sexy grin. Sienna’s got it all figured out: she’ll hook Dave around her finger and land a one-woman show at his aunt’s trendy gallery. Easy peasy, right?

Wrong! When the model, Erik emerges from the curtain, Sienna practically drops that scalding coffee right on Dave’s pricy shoes. Erik is not only the hottest guy ever; his gorgeous green eyes are fixed on her. But her friends wonder, is Erik up to her level? And what about the adoring flock of girls around him? When he saunters over in a bathrobe and a suede loincloth and compliments her on her drawing, everything in Sienna’s controlled life turns to sweet chaos.


9:00 AM CST : Kitsy Clare
10:00 AM CST: Piper Malone
11:00 AM CST: Kennedy Layne
12:00 PM CST: Elizabeth Arroyo
1:00 PM CST: Lee Strauss
2:00 PM CST: Lisa Casia
3:00 PM CST: Stephanie Keyes
4:00 PM CST Lisa Voisin
5:00 PM CST: Kitsy Clare

Be sure to follow each post for the most chances to win! See you at the party!! 

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