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Friday, February 21, 2014

Kitsy Clare launch party for Model Position: Giveaway #5 with Lee Straus!!

 A great big welcome to Lee Straus! She's here today sharing an excerpt from SUN AND MOON. 

Thanks for stopping by Lee!! 

The Minstrel Series is a collection of contemporary romance novels set in the singer/songwriter world. The books are companion novels, with shared settings and characters, but each is a complete stand-alone story with a HEA (happily ever after) and no cliffhangers! 

She has a past. He has a secret. 

Katja Stoltz is a risk-taking singer-songwriter, hoping to make it in the indie music scene in Dresden, Germany. Micah Sturm's a brooding uptown banker on a quest. 

Driven to the streets, Katja is picked up by Micah - but he doesn't want what she thinks he does. 

There's an undeniable attraction between them, a gravitational pull they both struggle to resist. Katja knows she mustn't fall in love with this handsome enigma. There's something dark lurking beneath the surface. He could be dangerous. 

And even if her life isn't on the line, her heart most definitely is. 

**includes MP3 links to four original songs produced by Norm Strauss and performed by award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter KimMcMechan.

And now for the excerpt:

Katja poked a finger through the hole in the seam of her skirt. It ran to her ankles, three tiers of crimson fabric, like a gypsy would wear. It was made from soft crumpled linen, the kind that never needed ironing. She’d found it in a cool little second hand store on Alaunstrasse and had smiled when she realized she had just enough euros in her pocket to buy it. 
She took a deep breath and tugged. The seam ripped and she kept pulling, feeling the heat of anger and frustration build in her chest as the bottom two tiers of her skirt fell to the floor. Now her legs, long and lean, were adequately exposed. 
These were her tools, Irma had said. Rent was due tomorrow, and if she didn’t want to sleep behind a trash bin on the frost-covered streets, she’d better put those shapely legs and the rest of her youthful body to work. She had a nice face, Irma had said. She could make what she needed in one night if she played her cards right. 
Katja’s knees gave out, and she found herself curled up on the floor, gripping the red fabric, pushing it against her face. She pinched back tears that stung the back of her eyes. She had to be strong. She was strong. Women did this every day, and it wasn’t like she was going to make a career of it. It was no big deal. Right? 
Then why did her lungs feel like they were collapsing as she barreled down a dark abyss? 

 What did you think? If you liked it, you can buy it at the following retailers:


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Lee is offering an ecopy of Sun & Moon: contemporary romancing, book 1 of The Minstrel Series. Just comment below with your email to enter. 


  1. Looks interesting....I love romance!

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