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Monday, September 16, 2013

Renee Lee Fisher Launch Party Giveaway #7 ~ Cleo Taurus

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Maggie thought life as she knew it was over, until she met the dark and Challenging Master Joe. He alone was able to give her what she needed, and with a sure and steady hand the two came to the perfect arrangement for them both. But Joe had secrets of his own, a darkness that Maggie couldn’t break through. When something happens that throws them together, will she be able to tear down his barriers? Will he be able to make her understand who and what he is?


“On this day, Joe already knew what he wanted to do to her. After he 
inspected her, his eyes roaming over her body, he turned and told her to 
follow him. Again, he never pushed her chair at the beginning of a scene. 
She wanted more than anything else to be treated as a normal woman, and he 
made sure he did just that. As they arrived at the St. Andrew’s cross, he 
watched her face, seeing her smile before making sure she was comfortable 
with the idea. “Strip girl.” He stood back and watched as she pulled the 
corset off and folded it up, putting it on her lap. “Hand it to me.” He held 
out his hand, and she placed the blue lace outfit in his large, calloused hands.

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This book was such a labor of love for me, more so than any of my other stories. These two, Maggie and Master Joe, are perfect in their imperfections. They are real and human and each emotion from either of them is so true and heartfelt!

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Cleo is giving away an ecopy of The Arrangement to one random commenter. All you have to do is comment and fill out Cleo's portion of the rafflecopter to be entered.