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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

VBT ~ Kitsune Tales by TJ Rowser

Book Blurb:

It’s been centuries since the last Great Other War that plunged the human race into the dark ages. Pulling away from the gods, and other creatures God had sent to watch over them, humans have made a go of it for themselves, trying to find their own path, and in the process they have changed the world from flat to round and created a universe to go with it. The gods, angels and demons are still there, but left behind, ignored, while the humans flourish. But the Others haven’t forgotten the humans….

Ki was content living her quiet, orderly little life on the outskirts of the city pack as a runt. She’d built up her own business as a freelance researcher and while she didn’t have much, she had more than enough for her. Then she wakes one morning to find that two days of her life are missing, supposedly spent with not just one man, but two, and she suddenly has breasts. Not to mention two tails when she shifts. If that isn’t bad enough, her apartment building catches fire and someone in the smoke wants her dead.
On the run, Ki finds herself in strange company, from Gods to mythical creatures, and sorting out who wants her dead from who wants her alive isn’t going to be easy. With a little divine help, and some old friends, she just might make it out of this mess alive, or lose everything before she even knew what she had.


“Get off me!”
The front door swung open violently and Hanners tripped over the threshold, nearly going to her knees. “Damn it Grant,” she said her voice thick, words slurring, as she fought to stay on her feet.
“What the hell is wrong with you Hanners?” said the man behind her, grabbing her arm before she managed to fall over completely.
“Why does anything have to be wrong?” Hanners asked, going for innocent and missing entirely.
Before Grant could answer, Hazel climbed up the back of his pants leg again. “Damn it!” he shouted. “Get your pet off me!”
“I'm not a pet!” Hazel said with a shriek.
Hanners giggled, falling against the wall. “She's a sprite.”
Grant closed his eyes and seemed to be counting under his breath. “I ought to throw both of you in lock up.”
“But you won't,” Hanners said batting her eye lashes at him.
Grant started at her for a moment and let out a sigh. “No, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't. You can't keep doing shit like this.”
Hanners sighed too. “It's been a bad day Grant.”
Grant gave her the once over slowly. “Last time you had a bad day like this, Shelly had died, and I'll be nice enough not to bring up the property damage.”
Hanners looked away. “Be a bad day again.”
Grant looked away himself staring at the floor, until other people began to crowd into the room. His eyes flickered over them briefly, expression going tight. He heaved a breath, turning his eyes back to Hanners to fix her with a look she knew very well.
“What in the hell have you gotten yourself into now?” Grant asked.
Hanners rolled her eyes. “Shut the door and come inside, lawman,” she said. “Meet my new friends.”
Grant gave her a look. “Are they anything like Gabby?”
“No,” Hanners said with a laugh and a shake of her head. “And Gabby is Mils’ friend, not mine.”
“Then I'll meet them,” Grant said.
“Where is the bitch anyway?” Hanners asked, swinging back around suddenly. “I thought we left her in charge of the bar?”
“And she thought you were working at a shop for a friend of yours,” Grant said with a pointed look.
“Well, I was,” Hanners said. “Stuff came up.”
Grant gave her a look, and Hanners made a face. She waved a hand at him, dismissing it. Gabby could take care of herself, which was good, because Hanners had enough to worry about as it was.
“Everyone this is Grant, he's the sheriff of our little slice of heaven here and he's also a dickhead and never trusts me,” Hanners said gesturing at Grant. “Grant this is everybody.”
“You're a smart man, if you never trust her,” Regis said dryly.
“Stuff it fey boy,” Hanners said.
Regis held up his hands. “I'm only saying.”
Hazel made a lurching jump from Grant, barely managing to land on Hanners’ shoulder. It was almost enough to take Hanners down. She hit the wall, using it to hold herself upright as the room spun around her wildly.
“Do you know how much moonshine I had to drink to get drunk?” Hanners asked mournfully.
“More than humanly possible,” Grant said with a snort.

Author Bio:

TJ Rowser grew up on a working farm that left her with plenty of time to explore her imagination while performing lots of physical labor. The older she got, the more that imagination expanded, and the less she liked the hard physical labor aspect. It took too much time away from the stories in head. Working through a string of office jobs, she found her niche in a helpdesk and settled down to raise a family while happily sitting around exploring the worlds that kept springing to life in her mind. When that wasn't quite enough, she started writing them down and sharing them out, which leads us here, to an author's page, and a book filled with the characters that knock around in her head on a daily basis. They (the characters) are quite pleased with the result and so is she, since happy characters make for a much quieter mind.


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