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Editing Services

Romance Novel Promotions has a choice of two editors on it's editing team. If you are interested in editing services, please fill out the form below and I will connect you with the editor that will work best for you.  Here is a bit about our two editors.

About Seraph

Seraph Editing Services looks forward to putting 30 years of reading and writing experience to work for you.

I'm a graduate of Chapman University, where I took Departmental Honors when accepting my BA degree in English, with an emphasis in Media Writing. At the same time, I earned a BA for Communications, with an emphasis in Mass Media/PR. While at Chapman, I wrote concert and music reviews for our school newspaper, and on-air copy for our DJs at the campus radio station.

My professional career includes a stint at the Trax Dance Music Guide, out of Beverly Hills, before I turned toward fiction writing. I've been published by traditional New York houses as well as small e-presses, and have also published books independently.

I look forward to partnering with you and helping your work to shine!

More information on their website

About Lina Sacher

I provide book consulting, content editing, line editing, and proofreading services.

All writers need a second pair of eyes on their work to ensure that it is as polished and engaging as you, the author, envisioned it would be.

I proofread for typos, grammar, and look for story continuity. I can help you identify plot holes and provide constructive critique that will help you move the story forward.


  • Fluent in Russian (speak, read, and write)…that may or may not help you. It usually doesn’t help me.
  • BDSM knowledge – I lived the lifestyle and so understand the nuances of BDSM based relationships and activities and can help you add realism and authenticity to your BDSM themed romance and play scenes.
  • I read extensively in the Erotic Romance genre…obviously, as you can tell from my Reviews, Recommendations, & Goodreads shelf. So, I get the genre and what works grabs, what doesn’t work.

More information on her website

Pricing for editing services

I have a flexible fees schedule. Feel free to reach out if you have questions about pricing or time frames.

Every book is different. Every writer is different. Thank goodness for that!

We want to be flexible for your needs, editorially and financially. Contact us...let's you get the edit you need for the success you deserve.

Broad Guidelines of fees:

A price range is given below; the exact fee will be dependent on the level of editing needed.

For works of ~15,000 to ~30,000 words: $90 - $250
For works of ~31,000 to ~75,000 words: $275 - $350
For works of ~76,000 to ~125,000 words: $400 - $500
For works of ~126,000 to ~150,000 words: $550 - $700
For over 150,000 words: price quoted upon further discussion of the book.

To inquire about editing services or for a quote, please fill out the form below