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"Leagh has been an amazing assistant. In about a month, she took the reins to get my newsletter started, formed my street team of fans, found a designer to do my Web site and even drafted the text for the site, advised me on ordering swag to give away at my first romance-reader convention, organized my guest blogging obligations, found me more blog hops to participate in, and did numerous other things to help promote me and my books. What began as a virtual-only role morphed into a face-to-face one at the 2012 Romantic Times Booklovers Convention and she kept me on track for my public obligations, often anticipating my needs before I knew what I needed. Leagh knows the romance-novel promotion industry inside and out, has a solid reputation among reviewers, readers, authors, and others in the business, and will definitely improve the image of any author or publisher she chooses to work with."
Here are some very kind words wrote by Kallypso Masters in a blog she posted on 9/18/12

Romance Novel Promotions has helped 
Nobody's Perfect hit the USA Today Best Selling List! 
Congrats Kally!! 

USA Today Best Selling Author Kallypso Masters

Leagh has been wonderful and amazingly flexible—from setting up a street team and keeping them in swag, to creating a Zazzle store, to helping design swag, to setting up blog visit, to putting out a newsletter. I love how she manages to do whatever I ask of her. And she is truly the queen of promotion. 

Romance Novel Promotions has helped 
IF ONLY and EDGE OF THE ENFORCER both hit the USA Today Best Selling List
Congrats Cherise!! 

USA Today Best Selling Author Cherise Sinclair

"Leagh is beyond amazing! Venturing into the world of promotion as a new author was extremely daunting, but Leagh held my hand every step of the way. Her work has been nothing short of spectacular. She has seamlessly set up Blog Tours, Author Interviews, Review Tours, Street Team, Fan Page and even hooked me up with a wonderful artist who created beautiful graphics for all my bling. I would be lost without her and can’t sing her praises, enough!"
Author Jenna Jacob

"I am going at a trillion miles an hour each day--which is even more complicated when book characters and their plots won't leave me alone. I was going insane with trying to keep track of my marketing needs on top of that, let alone being organized about it. Leagh has been more than my fairy. She's been my angel. I literally have no idea what I would have done without her. She anticipates needs that I have before I even have them. Thank you, Leagh, for everything!"
Author Angel Payne

"Also, please let me commend Leagh on her professionalism and friendly disposition.  She’s been absolutely lovely to deal with.  An assistant like that is the perfect person to have representing you."
Reader and Romance Fan

"When it comes to the romance industry, Leagh is one savvy lady. She fully understands the industry, knows the importance of professionalism, and she's a promotional master."
USA Today Best Selling Author Cynthia Eden

"Leagh has done an amazing job of running my forum, as well as the contests on my forum. She comes up with great ideas to keep the conversations flowing, or to get ones started. Her help has taken a huge burden off my shoulders and really helped me to launch my forum and get the word out. She's invaluable!"
New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author Donna Grant

"Leagh's love of books shines through in everything she does. She is an ambassador of books to readers."
New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author Lisa Renee Jones

"Thank you, Thank  you, Thank you!!!
Wow! Both you and (author's name) responded.
I know being the right hand person to a writer is very difficult; simply because you don't have a defined job.  Your job is to do anything that makes your writer happy and gives her ease of mind to write. 
For this, I as a major fan thank you for all you do."

Reader and Romance Fan

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